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The Research: Key Barriers in Advancing women

  • The criteria for being considered for advancement are easier for men to achieve
  • Lack of continued training can contribute to an inability to meet advancement standards
  • Stereotyping women creates barriers to successful advancement of women in the workplace
  • Limited mentorship opportunities by successful women in the field/company for lower-level employees

Strategies for Advancing Women

01 / Provide Opportunities to Contribute

Why? Maximizing the talent pool leads to new opportunities for your business to grow and prosper.

How? Include women on committees and in leadership roles, to give them a voice. 


02 / Mentorship Programs

Why? Workplace mentorship programs have benefits for worker attitude, health, and motivation, as well as increasing the chances to retain and advance workers in the company.

How?  Establish an Advisory Group to design, manage, and evaluate the mentorship program. Produce a mentor/mentee agreement form and provide training and orientation materials to support your mentors.   


03 / Clarify Promotion Requirements

Why? When clear, standard criteria for promotions are established, benefits to the company and workplace include: retention of highly valued employees, employee satisfaction and happiness, and heightened productivity.

How?  Make the expectations, criteria, and opportunities for advancement clear, and available in written format by standardizing the procedures for advancement, such as using committees and pre-established evaluation parameters.    


04 / Continued Education Initiatives

Why? The benefits of offering continuing education are: heightened productivity, employee engagement, increased company loyalty and high retention rate.

How?  Standardize the procedures for being considered for advancement, such as using committees and pre-established evaluation parameters.  Consider a partnership with local universities/colleges for discounted rates and courses that cater to your company’s particular needs.