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The Research: Key Barriers in Recruiting women

  • Hiring or recruiting using internal networks and personal contacts limits a large sector of the job-seeking community
  • Concerns and assumptions about meeting physical requirements
  • Few female role models
  • Non-standardized hiring processes and expectations
  • Gender biases and personal biases

Strategies for Recruiting More Women


WHY? It is mandated by the Federal Plan for Gender Equality.

HOW? Use some of our tools above, such as the Equal Opportunity Statements, Gender-Neutral Language, and Inclusive Job Ads.


WHY? 75% of employers use word of mouth as their main source of hiring, but that can exclude applicants who are outside your networking circle--making it difficult for women to break into the field. 

HOW? Reach out to schools and training institutions, place ads at Employment Service Centres, community centres (such as Hamilton Recreation Centres), or use online job websites such as:


03 / Advertise Your Company’s Commitment to Women’s Equality in the Workplace

Why? Progressive policies will brand your company as a forward-thinking organization and it will be more attractive to candidates and clients alike!

The diversity of Hamilton’s working-age population is as follows: 

49% men, 51% women,
14% visible minorities,
1.5% Indigenous.

How closely does your company mirror the community?

How? Publicize your company’s diversity statistics, success stories, and respect policies on your website, in the media and in your job postings!   Create or advertise your family-friendly workplace culture, maternity policies, flexible hours, and nearby childcare programs


04 / Increase Applicant-Workplace Interaction

Why? Inviting qualified prospects to tour the workplace is a creative way for employees to see if they would be a good fit. These opportunities allow connections to be made with potential employees.

How? Establish Workplace Ambassadors to speak with candidates about women in your workplace.

05 / Conduct Blind Résumé Assessment to Reduce Hiring Bias

Why? Some of the biases against hiring women are subconscious.   Research from Columbia University reports: 

résumés with women’s names were chosen only 66% as often as identical résumés with men’s names.

How? Make the application/review process anonymous! Use, or have an assistant block off applicants' names before you review applications.


06 / Have Standardized Interview Screenings and Questions

Why? Unstructured interviews can lead to poor hiring decisions because they are more vulnerable to:
Bias and Inequity, inaccuracy in choosing the most qualified and legal vulnerability.

How?  Use a standardized interview process, check out our sample questions for standardized interviews.  


07 / Have Standardized Interview Evaluations

Why? Managers need to be able to explain their staffing decisions should there be complaints to the Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board

How? Use standardized evaluation techniques