There is a Skills Shortage

By 2020, the federal government has stated that 319,000 new jobs will be required in the construction sector alone. This shows the need for more skilled workers, and women will help to fill the need.

It’s Good for the Bottom Line

Diversity in the workplace brings together a variety of skills, experience, and expertise to benefit a company. It is important for all levels of an organization to prepare for, understand, and accept change in order to reap the benefits of diversity, and to create a healthy and productive workplace culture.  

Having an even gender ratio could increase revenue by roughly 41 percent. 


Increased Productivity

A Harvard Business Review study shows that groups with more women consistently worked more efficiently and with greater output than those solely of men. 


Women Diversify the Economy

In Ontario:

  • <10% of workers in the skilled trades are women.  
  • Women are 48% of the general labour force

Balancing the gender ratio between men and women in the skilled trades is important and can create a strong, diversified economy. Obvious ways to diversify the labour pool are by recruiting, retaining, and advancing women in skilled trades. These steps are important because of:

  • Increased retirements by baby boomers and Canada’s aging population
  • High competition and need for trades workers in Canada and internationally
  • New occupations with trade skills demands


Women Have a History of Working in Trades

  • Historically, women were brought into the labour force when there was a shortage of men

  • During WWI, women replaced men in factories while the men were at war

  • During WWII, women were tasked with working in manufacturing again. This time, many women stayed in the workplace, proving that they could succeed despite gender stereotypes and pressures to leave the labour force


Social Norms Are Evolving

  • Social norms and stereotypes are fluid and can change with individual actions and opinions.
  • Non-traditional occupations included fields of medicine and law, but now it is more common for women to be represented in these occupations.
  • Women have proven to be capable of working in the trades.

workplaces that work for women work for everyone.